Why Your Business Should Have a Responsive Website

Is your current website responsive for all mobile devices? If not, invest your time and/or money in creating a responsive website.

It’s not only key for the consumer experience, but Google is now conducting mobile-first indexing.

Google used the desktop versions of websites to crawl, index and rank websites on its search engine. This means the game is changing and businesses need to keep up.

What does mobile-first actually mean?

It means the mobile version of a page on your website will be indexed and ranked first, instead of the desktop version.

This is being done to help give consumers and mobile users a better experience. It will help them find what they are searching for.

Frankly, if your business website is not responsive, your business is losing out on a tremendous amount of visitors and engagement. Meaning, your business is losing out on leads and conversions.

So what should your business do moving forward? Think “mobile-first” as your it evolves in today’s digital marketing world.

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