Why Google is Replacing goog.gl URL Shortener with Firebase Dynamic Links

Google has once again has given up on one of its platforms – goog.gl URL shortener. From what I’ve seen, the link shortener has plenty of fans. The convenience of creating a short link while logged into your Google account helped make it a fan favorite.

The company has decided to move on from Google URL Shortener due to the lack of reliability of the links. Currently, goog.gl short links directed to iOS, Android or web apps would result in broken link activity.

Current users will not be able to create short links after April 13, 2018. But they will be able to view, manage and download link information within the console until March 30, 2019.

Is there a short link alternative?

Yes. Google is transitioning to Firebase Dynamic Links (FDL). FDL are smart links which are more diverse and app friendly. Other short link platforms, which Google recommended are Bitly and Ow.ly.

Google launched goog.gl in 2009 and evolved the platform with the ability to view detailed analytics.

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