Is it Time for You to Jump Off the Corporate Ladder?

Ladder to skyThis was a question I had asked myself for years before making the move, so I’m not trying to influence you to do it. Just my take on what I felt when I decided to leap off the corporate ladder for now.

It was a learning experience as I kept climbing the ladder during my work experience. I learned about what to do, and more importantly, what not to do in business. This knowledge has helped me become the entrepreneur that I was holding myself back from becoming.

Overall, I have had the advantage of being a part of a startup as well as the restructuring of a business. You can’t replace that kind of work experience in today’s world. As I was deciding about what to do next, I saw most open marketing positions included “entrepreneurial abilities a plus.”

I can see why an entrepreneurial mindset would benefit companies in various industries. Digital marketing is still “new” for companies. Someone who can step in and take on a position with little guidance is a huge benefit. I digress…

As I continued to work in different roles, politics always seemed to be there. It didn’t matter what industry or what position, politics played a role. This was one aspect I could care less about. It didn’t matter what my tasks were or what role I had within a business. I was there to get the job done, which was helping brand companies and generate more revenue. That was my bottom line as an employee.

You might question why I would want to move on if I had my mind made up. Well, it was a personal decision to try and remove myself from any politics that hindered my responsibilities. Once I truly felt politics integrating into any role I had, I knew it was time to move on. Life was sending me a message to jump off the corporate ladder and take on the next endeavor.

My decision was nothing more-or-less than just knowing it was time to move on. Politics will always be there, but I’m hoping to help businesses as I move forward.

What initiates your thoughts about jumping off the ladder? Will you? Will you work for yourself? Create a side-hustle? Or will you just want to jump onto the next ladder in a position or industry you enjoy?

You never know what might happen in your work life. I personally might see another ladder I’d like to climb or maybe enjoy being on. As for now, I am pleased helping businesses move forward. I am excited to integrate new strategies for businesses every day.

Is it time for you to jump off the corporate ladder?

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